Dripper Air S (Clear, Beige, Matt Pink, Matt Green)

Different from the traditional common "fan-shaped" filter bowl, Origami is characterized by a beautiful "conical" shape with a large outlet hole at the bottom. The 20-creases conical structure allows the coffee powder to soak in hot water for a longer time, and the coffee powder expands, bringing out the rich aroma factors in the coffee. 

This listing is for one Air S ORIGAMI Dripper. We strongly suggest using a dripper collar to stabilize and avoid dripper dipping into your coffee!


Material: Styrene-acrylonitrile Copolymer

Size: Φ118xH80mm / 1-2 cups

Weight: 62 grams

Heat Tolerance maximal at 100C 

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe. Hand washing recommended

Country of origin: Japan