Nagare x Coffee Stopover Christmas Advent Calendar 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we are accepting pre-order for our Nagare Christmas Advent Calendar 2023!

Collaborating with Coffee Stopover from Taiwan, the Nagare Christmas Advent Calendar is likely to be the very first Christmas Calendar in London featuring Asian coffee roasters. The calendar boasts 24 packs of hand-picked coffee beans from 14 different regions; 4 different processes; and 6 different roasting profiles. Each pack of coffee beans can brew a cup of 12oz coffee.
Pamper yourself or you family & friends with this wonderful Nagare Christmas Advent Calendar!

We have VERY limited stock of 30 boxes only and we are accepting pre-order today on our website.

*In-store pickup only.*


About Coffee Stopover

Coffee Stopover was opened in 2015, dedicating themselves in specialty coffee. Some of our team members started their coffee journey in Taiwan, a country boasting a vibrant and top-tier coffee scene. We came to know Coffee Stopover in Taiwan in 2016. We were inspired by their philosophy over coffee and also learnt a lot about coffee brewing and roasting from them. This Christmas, we are so excited to be the first ever coffee shop in London introducing this top notch Taiwanese roasters, and presenting the collaborated Nagare x Coffee Stopover Christmas Avent Calendar to you all!